Close The Door When You Leave

Poetry May 31, 2021

What did I think to invite you over
Play the game we both would lose
I have no excuse, for I was sober
Went through all the don'ts and dos

I need you gone, before I break
You need to leave 'fore I fall prey
Double down on mistakes made
Quench my regrets and make you stay

This bed's not yours, nor do I want you
Getting all comfortable in here
You saw too much, the lengths I've gone to
All my predicament severe

Don't fall asleep, it's time, get dressin'
Leave me behind a conquest made
No need to call or send me presents
I'm still not sure who on whom preyed

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Lars Londerre

I write whenever the mood strikes or strokes. Things get weird sometimes, but then that's why you're here.