I Want To Know Who You Are Dressed

Poetry Jun 6, 2021

I get it, we’ve been having fun of
course, sure, I want your body
But who are you, when sex is none of
My business, your worry?

What makes you tick, when we are dressed
When we are sober, and I quit
My antics, flirting, if I pressed
You for opinions, not your slit?

What’s left of you, your eyes so seeing
What makes you smile, like you did?
How much of you is still appealing
How quick remain your daylight wits?

Could we talk hours, like tonight
String sentences, mundane?
Could my voice still evoke delight
Regardless what I’m sayin’?

I kissed your cheeks, all four of them
But your soul’s still out of whack
I took your morals, borrowed them
But do you want them back?

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Lars Londerre

I write whenever the mood strikes or strokes. Things get weird sometimes, but then that's why you're here.