Just Silent Cravings

Poetry Jun 4, 2021

My lips crave yours across the table
My breasts they yearn your tender touch
To talk to others I’m barely able
I merely sit here, stare and watch

I’m sure you are by now aware
Of what your voice does to my mind
My signs of hunger, lack of care
The silent contract we just signed

I am not yours to hold me tight
You won’t be mine to kiss and smother
No step too far, transgression slight
No way for me to be the other
No shared pillow, blanket, night

Not unless we share a common
Quite unhealthy habit
That has us silently hummin'
As we deviate a bit

From the past of least resistance
Neither of us is quite far
From sitting near, closing the distance
To heal emotional old scars

I catch the glance as my friend wonders
If I have lost all of my senses
If I would really be so brazen, bonkers
To drop my guard and all defenses

But I just nod, more to myself
willingly accept my fate
The trophy you keep hidden, shelved
To bring out once a fortnight, late

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Lars Londerre

I write whenever the mood strikes or strokes. Things get weird sometimes, but then that's why you're here.