Regrets Washed Away By Rain

Jun 12, 2021

Your footsteps have been filled alread’
Tomorrow they be mud
Our imprints have succumbed to wet
Washed away by flood

The rain has taken care of all
The misdeeds and regret
You came out here all skeptical
And when you left you fled

I didn't think you’d come
And certainly not stay
I wasn't sure I’d gone
Had you told me the way

We could have both stayed strong
Could have both admit’ defeat
Could have ended what begun
As mutual deceit

We played this game so neat
Kept fighting with sharp sword
But neither knew how to retreat
We were both fully aboard

So really, is it wonder
That we ended up out here?
That you stood over yonder
Ran your fingers through my hair?

We both knew we’d be kissing
Under this very same tree
Made it both our own mission
To commit debauchery

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Lars Londerre

I write whenever the mood strikes or strokes. Things get weird sometimes, but then that's why you're here.