The City Never Weeps

Poetry May 25, 2021

The city never weeps, nor does it mourn its fallen
The homeless burnt is cold, nobody bothered callin’
Nobody reads the news, for it no longer is
Cynicism is shield, and ignorance is bliss

Nobody bothers talking, to anyone, keeps walking
Nobody finds the time, nobody ever finds parking
Who still needs passion, when we have culture
Who still keeps rations, when we can be vulture

Yesterday’s scandal is today's aimless shrug
Yesterday’s good girl today's shameless slut
What used to make us sick became today’s highlight
Yesterday’s no-go became today's twilight

Rain no longer cleanses, the air no longer fresh
Wealth disparity immenses, realities gonna clash
The only way to cleanse is fire, decisions often rash
Only defence is offence, society ought to crash

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Lars Londerre

I write whenever the mood strikes or strokes. Things get weird sometimes, but then that's why you're here.