The Girl Across The Street

Poetry May 24, 2021

A mere walk across the street just parts us
Two trees in this here concrete forest.
If it were the Styx to Hades
It would be easier to cross it

I see you sit there in your window
My thoughts astray, gone all awry
Watch daylight, but not patience dwindle
As you wish the day good bye

You clearly don't need me or any
To improve the life you dreamed to live
You sit with confidence uncanny
your head bobbing to unheard riffs

Your day’s hard work affords the evening
the plate of cheese and cheap rosé
You don't lack what we dream achieving
Your days fulfilled, your life cozy

It’s only in the nights that follow
On evenings in waning light
That your life seems a little hollow
That I see you struggle, fight

I see you dancing, wistful, longing
For someone to be dancing with
When solitude starts feeling lonely
When ignorance is no more bliss

I see you reach out for your phone
Flick through your whole long contact list
Put it aside, stay all alone
Sometimes become someone's conquest

I would come help, just don’t know how
Plus I’m in no state to feed
I just crave, hunger, and devour
With immeasurable greed

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Lars Londerre

I write whenever the mood strikes or strokes. Things get weird sometimes, but then that's why you're here.